Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ecosse Moto Works Titanium Series $275K

Titanium Series  is the most expensive best looking motorcycle on earth. $275K and it's yours to blog about..
The Titanium Series is a combination of old-world craftsmanship and state of the art accuracy that effortlessly blend American muscle with exquisite lines, race-bred components and the first-ever all-titanium chassis and handcrafted titanium race exhaust. The result is a 2,150cc billet motor,  sitting in a 440 lbs chassis. creating a 200hp supercharged beast.
  Ohlins custom, fully adjustable Moto GP-grade suspension and the low, perfectly balanced chassis provide agile handling and predictable, confidence-inspiring riding dynamics. While short, precise shifts from the ultra-compact, proprietary six-speed trans, ensure a smooth ride. Braking is easy and enjoyable thanks to the billet ISR radial braking system complete with 12 individual brake pads up front for superior grip, plus adjustable lever reach and master cylinder  piston leverage allowing riders to decide how much effort is required to bring it all to a stop. Along with control, comfort is key, so each of the Titanium Series bikes is equipped with adjustable ergonomics and gel-padded seating. Each motorcycle in the series will have a Titanium Series RR Limited Edition and the serial number engraved into the handlebar clamp and VIN plate.

As the ultimate accessory to the ultimate street bike, B.R.M. the boutique French watchmaker I talked about earlier has incorporated the lines of the ECOSSE into a unique matching timepiece. The automatic chronograph's brushed-titanium bezel reflects the brushed titanium on the motorcycle chassis, and both bike and watch share the same color scheme. B.R.M. even constructed a face that reveals the watch's mechanics as an allusion to the motorcycle's exposed motor. The B.R.M., which has a large 48 mm hexagonal face, includes a special two-sided band: one black rubber and the other black leather with orange stitching and the other black leather, to match the seat of the ECOSSE. Each of the 10 watches made will be engraved with the same serial number as its corresponding motorcycle. Check out the Ecosse Moto Works here